TS 001

Chris Joris

Songs for Mbizo

The 1976 tapes (*)
Chris Joris piano, percussion
Johnny Dyani double bass
David Lee Schloss, Michel Mast tenor sax
Julian Sebothane Bahula African drums
Cheikh Tidiane Fall congas, percussion
Frans Pelgrims drums
recorded at HIFI HOME STUDIO, Brugge (Belgium), July 1976 by Ron Cottam

The 1991 tapes
Chris Joris piano, percussion, berimbau, udu clay drums, flute
John Ruocco tenor sax, alto clarinet
Steve Houben flute, alto flute
Frank Vaganée alt sax
Bob Stewart tuba
Christoph Erbstösser piano
Frans Van Der Hoeven double bass
Dré Pallemaerts drums
David Linx vocals on (11)

1. The White Side Of Black (*)
2. Rivers
3. Lullaby For Ephraïm (*)
4. Panontigri (Joris / Tidiane Fall)
Part 1: Morning
Part 2: Invitation
Part 3: Village Dance
5. Song For Mbizo part I
6. Blowin’ Your Bow To The Berimbob (Joris / Stewart)
7. Shaya Sebothane (*)
8. Berimbau
9. Dance Of The Mulatos  
10. Monody In A Moonlit Night
11. Song For Mbizo part II (Joris / lyrics: David Linx)  
12. November 30th mp3